Sep 6, 2005
The winds of changeÖ   [Edit]

Okay, so this is my first blog for a very long time now. Itís not that I donít have anything to write, itís completely the opposite. I have many things to write but I just donít have enough time do it. So in a quick recap on what I missed to post, despidida and eventual resignation of MC, inuman sa bahay jung saan basag si yogi and vic, event ni papa nick sa bahay ng alumni, gimmick sa dreams, birthday ni brian, UAAP games, wargames, QCS RECON, biglang gimmick to tagaytay, eventual regularization sa EMCI, at madami pang ibaÖ


So why did I just summarize these and not just post it as a single entry? Why did I turn my previous blogs into an archive? Well Iím giving my blog-site a face-lift. I just realized something, blogs are not diaries but they are journals. Whatís the difference? You should not put whatís happening in your life alone; that is simply not the focus of blogging.


Blogs are supposed to be an extension of your mind, showing what you feel, what you think, what your opinions are. So from now on I am going to speak out my thoughts through my blog-site. So that I may epitomize what is written in my site: ďRead my mindÖĒ

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